About my company: Europages.com

Europages is a B2B portal that fosters international business exchanges. Its objectives:

  • Increase international visibility of SMBs on the web
  • Generate qualified leads for these companies members of Europages

To do this, Europages deploys its expertise in multilingual SEO, implements visitors tracking, and provides member companies their visibility data (visits, clicks to their website, contact requests).

Companies’ content is translated into 15 languages and Europages encompasses 26 languages ​​to allow visitors to look for business information in their mother tongue. Thus Europages generates a qualified B2B traffic from more than 200 countries.

Traffic is certified by OJD – member of IFABC – and Europages.com stands as the leading « Technical and Business » website in France.

The best practices of Europages in the field of leveraging its clickstream data have been pointed out in an IBM customer case.


  1. Jean Nickerson   •  

    Came across your Website when doing research on B2B Analytics and Competitive Advantage. Love the value proposition of visitors receiving information in their native tongue. Very innovative!

    • Eric Hobein   •     Author

      Hi, thanks. Content translation – by real humans – is part of Europages business model. SMBs get an international reach as their content is indexed in multiple languages. Did you check our new “search maps” that render browsing data? Best regards. Eric.

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